What is the future of Tesla in a post-Brexit UK?

Autonomous, electric, future-vehicle manufacturer Tesla has announced that the price increase brought about by Brexit and the value drop in the pound will be delayed until 14th of January. According to the manufacturer, this is due to customers who weren’t able to confirm their orders, allowing them to obtain their vehicle before the inevitable increase.

The UK had previously been Tesla’s biggest market in Europe, taking over from Norway, but this potential increase to the pricing on what is already a £60,000+ plus car could cause a shift. This could also be caused by Tesla’s other major announcement that came into effect on New Year’s Day detailing that new drivers will have to pay a fee to use their ‘Supercharging’ stations after a yearly allowance of 1000 miles worth, with their home charging stations not being exactly cheap – retailing for around £400.

Tesla claim that this will still be cheaper than filling up for a traditional internal combustion engine car, but will be affected by fluctuations in the cost of energy at the time of charging.

What is the future of Tesla in a post-Brexit UK?

Now, this may not seem like much of an issue for the average UK citizen – not every man in the street can afford a Tesla – they often feel like you’re wasting money just looking at one, as is the same with many cars in the ‘luxury’ category. It however, continues a worrying trend of overseas manufacturers increasing their prices for their vehicles in line from the poor value of the pound in the current currency market.

Currently within that wheelhouse are Ford, Honda and Suzuki – with Hyundai being the only manufacturer that have currently confirmed that they will not be raising their prices in line with the drop in the sterling. While none of these companies have explicitly said that the reason for these increases have been the impact of the Brexit vote, industry insiders point to the impact of the vote being the most likely reason.

With 2017 having only recently kicked off and with the impact of a post-Brexit Britain already being felt – do you think this price increase from Tesla will stick, what do you feel Tesla’s future in the UK is, is Brexit really blame for this? Let us know!

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