Welme to the game, Faraday Future.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is always something to look forward to. But for those of us closely following the future of electric, autonomous cars – this year was particularly interesting indeed. Regular readers of this blog will know that we’re all over the activities of Tesla, and Fisker and their EMotion sashayed into our view late last year with some promising stats. But from CES, comes the latest new, shiny, straight-out-of-iRobot motor from Faraday Future – the FF 91.

It may look like a Honda Civic lost a few stone and took some inspiration from Knight Rider, but it’s got some fairly impressive tricks up it’s chrome sleeves, let me tell you.

Welme to the game, Faraday Future.
Last year, Faraday Future announced something fairly interesting at the very same show, and while it looked pretty cool, it was still the same single-seater, concept, sports car that we’ve come to expect from any number of companies. Now, though, we have ourselves a car with enough room for a family and it can go from 0-60mp in 2.5 seconds. Absolute madness. No wonder that they’re now making claims that the FF 91 is making all other cars redundant, shoving themselves firmly in Tesla’s face, daring them to swing.

Not only is it quick, it’s eco-cred isn’t something to be sniffed at either. The FF 91 boasts a 130kWh battery pack (new Tesla production model batteries are only currently packing 100kWh), a 435 mile range and a 4.5 hour home half-charge time. These impressive credentials are what we’re assuming added up to the 64,124 total reservations we saw within the first 36 hours it was shown.

As expected in this post-driver world, it of course have the potential to be self driving and self parking – which took a bit of a blunderous turn on the show’s broadcast, but we digress – and if you wanted to feel even more like you were in the future; multiple cameras and facial recognition systems allows for Keyless entry and you can shade your windows at a single touch for that ‘president on a national business trip’ look.

Welme to the game, Faraday Future.
Ultimately, however, we won’t be seeing the FF 91 until 2018 at the very least and with rumours about the factory still being under some very heavy construction and tensions in the Faraday boardroom, further drama on this car is yet to unfold. But it’s nice to write something that isn’t about Tesla, so there’s that.



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