Auto Insurance

Luckily for you, public cries for a cost-effective, short-term auto insurance plan haven’t fallen on deaf ears.Also known as temporary auto insurance, short-term auto insurance is the best option offered for motorists who know they’ll only be driving for a small window of time in a specific car.

It’s a growing dilemma for employers – how to offer a great benefits package that will attract and retain the most talented workers, all on a tight budget.That’s why voluntary benefits are playing an increasingly larger role in employee compensation packages.

But there are also health and safety issues that come along with having older workers, issues that will impact your workers’ compensation costs.Add it all up and you’re looking at higher healthcare costs and higher workers’ compensation costs.

For years, carbuyers have grappled with whether to buy or lease their new car.When you lease a vehicle, you essentially buy the car for a set amount of time, usually three years.

While electric cars are still just entering the major automotive industry, Apple recently announced that it wants to disrupt this manufacturing sector by releasing its very own car, ABC News reported.Planning partnershipsMoorhead said Apple could be strategically planning some sort of partnership to get the ball rolling for their possible car, ABC News reported.

The 2015 Chrysler 200 has earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Top Safety Pick in August.The 2015 Chrysler 200 did well in all evaluations, and the available front crash prevention system gave the car extra points, the IIHS reported.

By now you've probably heard about vehicles that can drive themselves.One software technology that will help drive the auto industry toward autonomous vehicles is MobilEye.

Bayou State legislators recently passed a $33-million increase to be applied to fines charged whenever drivers are caught operating a vehicle without properly maintained car insurance.According to an Associated Press report, the massive rate hikes were devised to improve salaries for the state's sheriffs, police troopers and district attorneys, with a minimum $75 charge for a first-time offender caught driving without insurance serving as the baseline penalty.

Unfortunately, winter weather can bring snow and ice that can make driving trickier and more dangerous.Following a few of these winter weather driving tips may help reduce your risk of getting in an accident and raising your auto insurance rate.

More than one insurance agency in Illinois has stated citizens of the state may see their auto and home insurance rates rise.After State Farm, Allstate is Illinois' second-largest property and casualty insurer, and its customers will see higher homeowners insurance costs as of Oct.

Looking for Denver car insurance?So let’s take a look at finding suitable Denver car insurance below.

The fine was a response to Hyundai and Kia overstating mileage numbers for over 1 million vehicles in the U.Even when mileage tests are carried out correctly, the results can often be wildly inaccurate for potential buyers.

have been at odds recently, as New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been trying to stop the launch of the car-sharing business in the state.The attorney general's office maintains that the company has not met state and local regulations and auto insurance laws.

This week the UK government announced that it is granting special permission for Amazon to test delivery drones in the country.In 2013, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced his vision for delivery drones in the future, and Jeremy Clarkson confirmed this last year.

The Progressive Corporation is one of the oldest car insurance carriers in America, covering drivers since 1937 -- when it opened its doors in Mayfield Village, Ohio.From its inception, Progressive has focused mainly on auto coverage instead of expanding into other large verticals of insurance.

If any of these misfortunes occur, victims can breath a sigh of relief knowing their insurance plan will cover the damages.While home and auto insurance is commonplace, people would be surprised to learn that there are many types of niche insurance coverage for interesting situations.

Or maybe you're the Batman and no one else is touching the fleet of Batmobiles you're storing underground.Either way, when you have more than one car, you need to get auto insurance coverage for each vehicle and driver.

When you’re signing up for your auto insurance plan, you want to make sure you are following your state’s insurance guidelines.So if you’re living in the Peach State’s capital and need to get an Atlanta auto insurance policy, we’re here to help.

Because of this heightened risk, car insurance companies typically have higher rates for young drivers.Good grades are one way teens can reduce their car insurance rates, by as much as 20 percent as a student discount.

But with so many cars on the market, consumers may not know which automobile is best for them.Luckily, the search is over, as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety made its pick for the safest car on the road: the Chevrolet Volt.