Auto Insurance

”For most Canadians, the company suggested in the release, sourcing a home insurance quote is “not a priority, likely due to the lengthy quote process of the past.” A quote could include upwards of 40 questions, some of which require reference to property assessments and current home insurance policies.

Auto insurance companies are starting to charge their customers more and the reason, they claim, is all their cars are laden with.“We’ve seen a huge increase in what it costs to pay out our claims”.

An Arlington Heights man has been charged with several misdemeanors and traffic violations after he crashed a stolen car into a house Saturday morning before fleeing the scene, authorities said.The man was chased down by the homeowner, who heard the crash, Arlington Heights police said.

That seemed like a lot of money but I figured I could afford it if I earned $1,500 a week like Uber advertised.But Uber doesn't provide drivers with a guaranteed wage or contribute to unemployment funds, Medicare or Social Security.

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