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The new technology will be available in the 2015 Ford Mondeo, which will initially be for sale in Europe.The technology looks for objects the average shape of a person in order to separate pedestrians from common roadside objects.

Individuals who commit insurance fraud on the other side of the country affect your insurance rates, even if you do everything possible to keep your premiums low.After tax evasion, insurance fraud constitutes the second most costly white-collar crime in America.

For example, if you live in New Hampshire, your state does not mandate car insurance by law, but every other state does.Even if you are living in a state that requires motorists to carry car insurance, policies change by state.

Ever heard someone say they have “pay as you go car insurance” and have no idea what they’re talking about?It’s CheaperProbably the most immediate benefit of a pay as you go auto insurance plan is that it’s flat-out cheaper.

How Long Should I Keep My Car For Safety Reasons?How Long Should I Keep My Car For Safety Reasons?

Teens and Parents: Test Drive Your KnowledgeTeens and Parents: Test Drive Your KnowledgeTeens are the least experienced drivers on the road, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that crashes are the leading cause of death for kids between the ages of 15 and 20 years old.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 2,524 teen drivers and passengers were killed and 177,000 were injured in motor vehicle accidents in 2013.

Take the Quiz…How Well Do You Know Common U.Yet, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in one year alone, more than 13,000 vehicles were involved in fatal crashes at stop signs.

Statistics from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders prove 63,347 diesels motors were sold last year compared to 58,562 petrol cars.However despite this rise in popularity, experts are warning drivers who use their car in built-up areas for stop-start driving to avoid buying diesel cars.

Unlike with health insurance, which kicks the policyholder’s dependents off at age 26, an auto insurance policy does not remove anyone from the plan based on age.Instead, the family auto insurance coverage plan protects all those who are part of the same household.

And if you want to be successful at controlling your workers’ compensation costs, you need to make it a team sport.With New York business owners paying some of the highest workers’ compensation costs in the nation, you need all the support you can get.

For many car enthusiasts, finding the car of your dreams means you are willing to go the distance to get your car from the dealer to the driveway.When you import your car through an ICI, the ICI will bring the car through customs and will not release it to you until it fully meets EPA standards.

In a recent poll by Clean Technica, the best-selling electric vehicle in 2014 throughout the U.and Europe is anticipated to be the Nissan Leaf.

If you're unhappy about your experience with a certain insurance company, then there's no need to remain stuck with high rates and bad service.If you already have home insurance, then bundling your auto insurance in as well could be a good move.

The effect on other drivers and insurance companies is pricey, which is why more groups are attempting to reduce the number of uninsured drivers on U.The impact of the uninsuredThe Insurance Research Council recently released its latest report, "Uninsured Motorists, 2014 Edition," about the number of uninsured motorists in the U.

When you get in your car - whether it's for a road trip or just a quick run to the grocery store - there are a number of safety features designed to keep you safe.However, many don't come with built-in safety features, so it's up to you to make sure you are as safe as possible in your house.

The problem is that creating an electric car that can be used effectively every day is very expensive - upwards of six figures.The company has yet to turn a profit on its commitment to electric vehicles but is still pushing further action and innovation from governments, consumers and automakers to rise up to the occasion and make electric cars the way of the future.

The current cost of living so high – many are spending large portions of their income on running a vehicle!Cars are generally expensive; and for many investing in a new car means purchasing some sort of finance option.

The NYPD has already purchased nine Smart cars for a total of $119,000, with each individual car roughly half the cost of a scooter.The single-occupant cars are safer than scooters because Smart cars contain air bags, whereas the scooters were effectively motorcycles, said Deputy Commissioner Robert Martinez, according to the Daily News.

The car's engine starts sputtering, the gas light flashes on and the next thing you know, your car is dead and you're stranded on the side of the road.Getting stuck on the side of the road is a dangerous predicament no matter how long you've been a driver.

" In the past year, ride-sharing companies like Lyft and Uber have taken off, creating a whole new way to get around town.The auto insurance loopholeAccording to a recent report by Time, ride sharing could potentially lead to higher car insurance premiums all around.