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2015 Ford Mustang Gallops into Sight with a New Engine and Technology2015 Ford Mustang Gallops into Sight with a New Engine and TechnologyThe world-renowned Ford Mustang has roamed roads and racetracks since 1964, and the 2015 edition is set to carry on its rich tradition.The sixth-generation car is completely revamped with new features, technology and a turbocharged engine.

The automotive community is abuzz about hackable vehicles and consumers are becoming increasingly aware that their cars may be at-risk for cyberattacks.A book by renowned car hacking security expert, Craig Smith, “The Car Hacker’s Handbook: A Guide for the Penetration Tester,” provides insightful details about how our vehicles are vulnerable to attacks by experienced hackers.

Ten Tips to Protect Against Car TheftTen Tips to Protect Against Car TheftAccording to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s most recent annual vehicle theft report, the following 10 areas have the highest vehicle theft rates in the U.Many times thieves aren’t even interested in your car … they want what’s inside.

Five Fun Automobile Activities for All Ages and All TimesFive Fun Automobile Activities for All Ages and All TimesAmericans love their cars and, while many memorable moments take place while we’re driving, there are plenty of fun times with our vehicles that have absolutely nothing to do with being on the road.To celebrate our love of automobiles, here are five fun ways a car can help create memorable experiences with your family and friends.

The newest entry to this segment is Ford’s 2017 Super Duty line.Raj Nair, Ford’s Vice President of Global Product Development and Chief Technical Officer said of the new line, “Our team is using relentless innovation in materials, technology and Built Ford Tough engineering to deliver customers our best Super Duty yet.

New Automotive Technologies Could Lower Accident Rates & Premiums for ConsumersNew Automotive Technologies Could Lower Accident Rates & Premiums for ConsumersImprovements in automotive technology, including seat belts, airbags, antilock brakes and electronic stability control have significantly reduced accidents, fatalities and injuries to record low levels.And fewer claims could lead to lower premiums for policy holders.

10 Safest and Most Affordable Vehicles to Insure for Teens10 Safest and Most Affordable Vehicles to Insure for TeensOne of the scariest moments for parents is seeing their teen son or daughter setting out to drive alone.National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data reports 1,717 young drivers between the ages of 15-20 died in fatal crashes in 2014, including 146 in California.

Lack of experience behind the wheel and statistical data are the primary factors that determine insurance premiums for teen drivers.As a general rule, it takes at least three years of driving experience before young driver insurance rates begin to decrease.

Know The True Cost of Owning That New Car Before Buying itKnow The True Cost of Owning That New Car Before Buying itIf you’ve landed on this page because you’re in the market for a new car or truck, then you probably already consider yourself a savvy shopper, or at least someone who values the importance of good advice before making a big ticket purchase.Since all cars and trucks are not created equal when it comes to buying insurance, it makes sense that some vehicles are less expensive to insure than others.

He used to cruise around town in the back seat when he was 4-years-old, rattling off the make and model of every car his father pointed to.They’d play the name game every time they went out on a trip.

How to Reduce Your Car Insurance RateHow to Reduce Your Car Insurance RateWhen you purchase a car, you typically look at the sticker price and figure out what your monthly payment would be, but many of us forget how expensive a car is when you factor in the total cost of ownership.In addition to the car payments, it’s easy to rack up thousands of dollars each year in fuel costs, oil changes, repairs and registration fees.

The “Imported from Detroit” 2015 Chrysler 200 takes its influences from another continent, yet remains a distinctly American midsize sedan.Both engines are paired with a segment-exclusive, nine-speed automatic transmission, and optional all-wheel drive is available on V-6 models.

2014 Tesla Model S … The Car of The Future, Today2014 Tesla Model S … The Car of The Future, TodayElectric cars are quickly gaining ground on their gas-powered contemporaries and there’s no better proof than the Tesla Model S, which clearly has the chops to compete with similarly priced luxury vehicles.Launched in 2012, the Tesla Model S has been continuously upgraded with mostly “software updates,” making a closer association with a computer than a car.

The Unexpected Cost of Electric Vehicle OwnershipThe Unexpected Cost of Electric Vehicle OwnershipElectric vehicle purchasers don’t have to worry about fuel costs, but what consumers may not realize is these vehicles come with higher insurance rates than their gas-engine counterparts – on average, insurance quotes are 21 percent higher for electric vehicles.NerdWallet recently studied the Chevrolet Spark, Volkswagen Golf, Smart Fortwo and Fiat 500 to find the average rate for California drivers to insure these vehicles and found that Mercury Insurance offers the most affordable insurance rates for the electric models (up to $600 less than its closest competitors).

2015 BMW i8 is the Hybrid Sports Car Like No Other2015 BMW i8 is the Hybrid Sports Car Like No OtherSome people buy cars because they’re fun.The 2015 BMW i8 meets all three of those requirements, and you can add in supercar performance with space-age looks.

Areas with the Highest Auto Theft RatesAreas with the Highest Auto Theft RatesEight of the Top-10 are in CaliforniaIn its annual Hot Spots Report, the National Insurance Crime Bureau lists the metropolitan areas with the highest auto theft rates – and eight of the top-ten are in California.²There were almost 700,000 auto thefts nationwide in 2013, with 176,745 occurring in California, the most for any state.

Seven Safety Tips for Uber and Lyft DriversSeven Safety Tips for Uber and Lyft DriversRide-hailing is one of the more popular “public” means of transportation for getting around town today.While smartphone apps connect drivers with identifiable passengers for a planned pickup, some drivers may be concerned about their encounters with complete strangers.

Top 10 Most Affordable ‘Green’ Vehicles to InsureTop 10 Most Affordable ‘Green’ Vehicles to InsureMore than 16 million new vehicles will be sold in the U.For example, Mercury Insurance was recently recognized by Nerdwallet as the least expensive insurance option for electric car owners in California.

Protecting Your Vehicle Against HackingProtecting Your Vehicle Against HackingDid you know that cybercriminals can break into your vehicle without even touching it?It’s a scary thought but as vehicles become more connected to the internet, new vulnerabilities are allowing hackers to gain entry to – and even take control of – vehicles remotely.

The 2014 Mini benefits from trickle-down technologies from parent company BMW, but starts at a touch above $20,000.The 134-horsepower version packs plenty of power for its size and returns an EPA-estimated 42 mpg on the highway, while the Mini Cooper S offers 189 horsepower from a turbocharged four-cylinder for those wanting more oomph.