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What Californians Need to Know About Assembly Bill 1785What Californians Need to Know About Assembly Bill 1785Smartphone technology is ever-evolving and while these phones conveniently allow us to carry the Internet in the palm of our hands, they’re also a source of distraction for modern-day drivers.Many states have passed laws against hand-held cell phone use to combat distracted driving, and California’s is about to get stricter.

Planning For Life Changes in 2014Planning For Life Changes in 2014Is your insurance adequate for your 2014 life changes?From remodeling your home to buying a car, life changes can impact your finances.

The Freedom Freeways Bring UsThe Freedom Freeways Bring UsMost people have a love-hate relationship with freeways.We love freeways because they keep us out of the stop and go grind of city traffic.

“Displays of aggression on the road are becoming an all-too-common occurrence,” says Stephanie Behnke, claims innovation director for Mercury Insurance.” Moving traffic offenses include:Two or more of these actions coupled together are considered a display of aggressive driving.

We know that businesses like yours have unique and specific insurance needs, which is why we provide everything you are looking for in an insurance company – low rates, excellent service, financial stability and customized coverage.Here are just a few of the business categories we cover:Mercury offers a wide range of business insurance coverage options, all designed to protect you, your business and your business property at a price you can afford.

Holiday Wish List … Gifting a Used VehicleHoliday Wish List … Gifting a Used VehicleIt’s that time of year where people across the country are putting together their holiday gift wish lists.If your loved one is hoping to get a new car with a big red bow on it but your budget isn’t quite big enough, consider gifting a used vehicle.

The goal of this fundraiser is to help stock the Carver Center food pantry, a great resource in serving local families struggling to afford the food they need.If you would like to contribute to this great cause, please send us a check for the amount you deem appropriate.

Now that you’ve gotten married and merged your accounts, it’s time to update your insurance policy.Many insurance companies give their clients discounts when they bundle their insurance policies with their agency.

This month is the best time to buy a new car, according to TrueCar, but you better get to the car lot because some models are going so fast there's a shortage.Historically, data for August auto sales shows the month typically has the lowest average transaction price compared to any other time of the year.

At CoverHound, we can help you find an auto insurance policy that will protect and save you money—it’s a win-win!One way to do this is to ask your agent if your insurance policy includes an accident forgiveness clause.

As moving season gets underway, there are some important tips to ensure the move, no matter how long or short, is as smooth as possible.They need to contact moving companies to compare quotes, begin packing and get financials in order.

To help you save, explore our car insurance comparison platform today.As you think about getting a new car, there are a few things you might want to consider first:Know What You Need: As a first-time car buyer, stepping onto that sales lot can be overwhelming.

Here are six features that contribute to safer driving:1.Through the use of sensors and motion technology, cars can be alerted of approaching problems.

This revolution of connection has even extended to the way you can do business with your car insurance company.The insurance company maintains that the app will enable drivers to receive a claim estimate in minutes.

In any case, switching car insurance carriers can seem like a daunting task, especially if you are midway through your policy.Here are a few steps for switching insurance companies:Evaluate your needsIs there a specific reason you want to switch insurance carriers?

Despite the march of progress, it's still possible to get your hands dirty under the hood and fix minor vehicle issues.Here are some of the car repairs you can often still do yourself:Light up your lifeHeadlight repairs are generally still pretty easy and can greatly improve the appearance of an older vehicle.

This system has been used in Illinois, Washington and Oregon, and the hope is that it will save money for drivers.The standard way to determine the insurance costs for drivers is to check out their driving histories and other personal factors, but it will be a little different with Metromile.

The Outward Bound Trust has been helping and supporting young people’s education and workplace skills for 75 years.As a registered charity they rely on fundraising and sponsorships to make this all possible – and one of the ways they do this is through epic motoring adventures they call The Rusty Rally.

Over the past 40 years, asbestos litigation has exploded to become a multibillion dollar industry.4 billion estimated by plaintiff attorneys to $125 million – less than nine percent of the plaintiff lawyers’ estimate.

Enter Henrik Fisker, founder of electric automobile company Fisker Inc., with his new EMotion car, aiming to be “more extreme and edgy” than it’s Tesla counterparts.