Users face tech issues on state health insurance website

A possible server issue caused applicants to hit a glitch last week as they were trying to enroll online for state health insurance.

Some users of the Access Health CT website had trouble accessing an area that compared health care plans. Customer service representatives could not provide an online workaround and directed users to an enrollment center or suggested contacting an Access Health insurance agent.

One independent insurance agent said after persistently trying, he gained intermittent access several days prior to the initial enrollment deadline on Dec. 15.

"We do have a [tech support] ticket in for the consumer portal, and that's been an ongoing issue for a week-and-a-half now," one Access Health CT customer service supervisor said on Dec. 13. "They are trying to fix it, but there's a server issue with the online account, which is probably why your links are missing. But it is an issue that's been escalated, and we are trying to get that fixed for everyone.”

"She shouldn't have told you that," Access Health CEO James Wadleigh said.

Wadleigh said he was not aware of any technical issues with the website. He said the missing link issue was not discussed on any of the company’s daily conference calls with customer service representatives.

"We have not had one issue with our environment this open enrollment," he said.

"The [customer service reps.] were incorrect…they never escalated to their organization to say that they were having issues."

The deadline for Jan. 1 coverage was extended by two days because of high demand, not server issues, Wadleigh said.

Overall enrollment increased 3 percent and new enrollments were up 12 percent with thousands registering each day, Wadleigh said.

The enrollment deadline for Feb. 1 coverage is Jan. 15.

Lori Gross is a freelance writer and an Access Health CT applicant who experienced technical issues when trying to enroll online last week.



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