Home Insurance

While homeowners think their home is safe from danger, there are incidents that regularly occur each year that could result in homeowners insurance injury claims.Here are three common personal injury scenarios covered by home insurance:1.

The Insurance Information Institute reported on a January 2015 study by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners that concluded homeowners insurance premiums, on average, rose 5.2 percent uptick in 2011, it's still an increase, and nobody likes paying more money each year.

While homeowners insurance satisfaction actually increased on average since 2013, renters insurance rates declined by seven points.More focus will likely be placed on the interaction aspect of customer service, as renters insurance satisfaction suffered because of poor interaction scores, according to the Claims Journal.

While the government and various companies use drones for military and commercial purposes, many everyday Americans are beginning to discover the joys of buying and flying their own personal drone.Along with privacy worries, another growing concern revolves around whether homeowners insurance also covers the use of drones.

Going through the process of buying your first home can be a daunting experience.While you need to consider all these options, there are also external factors that can significantly impact your choice.

In all the hustle and bustle, it's easy to forget that you need to transfer your homeowners insurance policy.RecordsIn all the time it takes you to pack up your closet, furniture and odds and ends, you might forget about those records.

However, despite the strength and resiliency of modern homes, extreme weather can still wreak havoc on these houses if you don't implement the proper safeguarding measures.With the rise in extreme weather forecasted, homeowners need to take the necessary precautions to protect their homes from flooding, tornadoes and tropical storms.

Keeping up with your family's finances and saving the most you can is important, but keeping your homeowners insurance policies up to date is more important still.We've got the answers regarding when to update your insurance policies right here in one spot: First off: What is homeowners insurance?

Wildfires, a perennial threat in the California area, are more likely when a large amount of dead wood is present.Brian Fuchs, a National Drought Mitigation Center climatologist, noted the risk.

Through updating their property and reinforcing their home's existing features, homeowners can disaster-proof their house and save on home insurance.To prevent insurance costs from glass-related destruction, homeowners should replace their old windows with shatter-resistant models, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

You may wonder if a home warranty is the same as home insurance, and if not, what's the difference?Generally, home insurance will cover the cost of accidental damage to the interior or exterior of the house and financial loss from natural disasters, vandalism and theft.

The housing market experienced an unprecedented downturn in 2008.Two recent signs are showing that the housing market is not only sustainable this year, but that the spring homebuying season should be poised for a lot of activity.

Fear not, getting homeowners insurance is not as scary or as hard as some of your friends have probably made it sound.May CoverHound present to you five easy steps to landing yourself a great homeowners insurance policy.

If yes, then you may be eligible for insurance discounts or able to upgrade your homeowners insurance policy.What is a homeowners associationA homeowners association, or HOA, is a community entity that enforces community standards and laws.

Spring's changing climate means that tornado season is arriving, especially for homes that sit in "Tornado Alley." Though the boundaries aren't entirely agreed upon, The National Climate Data Center names Tornado Alley as the U.

Regardless of the reason, remodels of all kinds are likely to affect home insurance.Some renovations, like a new roof, will affect your insurance positively while building a pool can actually hurt your insurance rates.

But without any more information, they may wind up with a policy that doesn't provide as much coverage as they really need or is more expensive than they should have to pay.There are some common mistakes new homeowners make, but luckily, they can easily be avoided.

Paying insurance premiums is something everybody has to do, however, there are ways to make it as painless and inexpensive as possible.Here are three tips for ensuring you're not paying too much for homeowners insurance:1.

There are many factors that ultimately go into calculating your homeowners insurance premium.Some of these could raise your rates, or even cause flat-out denial of a homeowners insurance application.

The destruction to your furniture and pool is extensive, and you’re not altogether sure that your homeowners insurance company is going to clear the damages.A general homeowners insurance policy does provide liability coverage.