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To lower your homeowners insurance premium and protect your house against a fierce winter, follow this easy weatherproofing guide, you won’t regret it!Use the Ceiling FanUsing a ceiling fan during the winter seems counterintuitive.

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If you live in Florida, there’s a good chance that you have your home insurance through Citizens Property Insurance, which is an insurance company created through legislation to act as the “insurer of last resort.” After significant hurricane activity, many, if not most, insurance companies withdrew from the Florida home insurance market, leaving homeowners without any coverage options.

On the standard home insurance policy, any firearms you own will be covered as personal property.If you need more coverage than is normally available on the home insurance, you’ll have to look for more specialized coverage.

If you don’t currently have an umbrella policy, you’ll want to read on to understand better what it can do for you and your family.In your standard home insurance policy, there’s a limit of liability for personal liability claims.

You pay your insurance company premium and lots of other people do the same thing.It then uses the pooled money to pay claims and, hopefully, has enough money or even a little extra as profit.

Certain states that have more HOAs may have better-defined laws whereas the practice may be less regulated in states with very few HOAs.While personal liability insurance is part of all home insurance policies, the importance of it cannot be overstated when it comes to condo owners.

As a homeowner living on a budget, it’s definitely understandable that you might question the value and wisdom of purchasing home insurance year after year.Well, before you actually drop your coverage, you might want to think about the repercussions of going “bare,” as it’s known in the insurance world.

The standard home insurance policy as it’s designed performs very well in protecting the assets of the average homeowner.In the typical home insurance policy, the dwelling and most of the contents are covered up to the amount specified on the policy.

While home insurance policies are sometimes known as “all-risk” policies, they do not always cover all risks that may cause damage to your home.The standard home insurance policy’s definition of excluded earth movement includes sinking, rising, shifting, and the expanding or contracting of earth.

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This is our comprehensive home insurance guide and we think it can help.Chapter 1 What is Home InsuranceHome insurance policies protect homeowners against damage and losses that affect their property and belongings.

The truth is you can tackle that Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project you love on Pinterest.What’s better — it could save you money on your insurance premiums.

That’s why your California homeowners insurance should cover you against your state’s common natural disasters.Despite this earthquake damage costing hundreds of millions of dollars, only 10 percent of California homeowners purchase earthquake coverage as part of their homeowners insurance.

If you should experience an issue with your house that causes a roof replacement or kitchen rebuild, homeowners insurance will cover the costs.You can find a list of competitive homeowners insurance quotes online from reputable insurance companies that will pay to have your home made as good as new.

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The Sunshine State has been famously lucky of late, having dodged true hurricanes over the past eight years.And according to a recent Reuters report, the insurance industry and its local customers have made ample use of that much-appreciated time.

For affordable homeowners insurance, visit CoverHound for your free homeowners insurance quotes.If you remember, some major storms to hit the country in 2014 were Hurricane Arthur, Hurricane Iselle and Hurricane Marie, just to name a few.

If you use up all of your credit card balance for disaster relief items or forget to pay your bills because your home does not have electricity, your score will drop.Here are a few ways to repair your credit after a natural disaster:Access your credit reportIf you need a little extra money to help deal with the repairs to your home after you file an insurance claim, you may be forced to use your credit card.