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Getting a Deal: Homeowners Insurance DiscountsOne of the biggest complaints people make about insurance is how expensive the monthly premiums are.Americans pay an average of $952 a year in homeowners insurance premiums, that’s close to $80 a month.

If you have auto and homeowners insurance policies, you probably feel confident you're covered in case of an incident.However, there are common gaps in insurance that can leave you high and dry.

Furniture, valuables and personal possessions are typically covered under a property insurance add-on.You'll need an estimate of your property's worth prior to inform how much liability you should take out.

A homeowners insurance policy is designed to cover damage incurred on a property and the residents of that specific home.Thus, the viability of your home insurance is affected as well.

The reason millions of homeowners purchase home insurance each year is to make sure they are fully insured in the event of property damage.The key is to have a year-round comprehensive plan that doesn't leave gaps in coverage.

However, while these homeowners might have some insurance, approximately 64 percent of of these individuals have less insurance than they really need, Marshall & Swift reported.Meaning if something were to happen to their houses, these people would only be able to rebuild about 81 percent of the home.

As you have decided to deep fry a turkey this year, you need to make sure you have your safety measures dialed in.Every year, novice turkey deep fryers cause $15 million worth of damage to their property because they did not follow proper safety protocol.

Federal Emergency Management Agency announced reforms to the National Flood Insurance Program in December to ensure people affected by floods aren't taken advantage of by their homeowner insurance providers.A continuing problemThe NFIP was created in 1968 to help homeowners protect themselves from the financial effects of flooding.

The needs of condominium owners differ from that of homeowners, and the differences can be quite confusing.Generally speaking there are three approaches to homeowners insurance for condos: Bare Walls Coverage, Single Entity Coverage, and All Inclusive Coverage.

The holidays are a great opportunity for families to get together and visit each other, and millions of Americans go on vacation during this time every year.Unfortunately, when homeowners go on vacation, they often leave their properties open to theft and damage.

Getting the Most Out of Your PaycheckGetting the Most Out of Your PaycheckPaydays are the best days.Then reality sets in…before you get to enjoy it, your paycheck is eaten up by bills and obligations.

The housing market is continuing to show significant gains as sales rose in March.According to a recent report from RE/MAX, home sales increased 24.

Have you heard about these collaborative robots?Whatever your reasons are be sure to ask yourself a few questions before you go out and spend your hard earned dollars on a collaborative robot.

You're probably making last minute touches to costumes today and wondering if you should buy more candy for trick-or-treaters.While it's exciting to dive into the lighthearted and candy-filled side of the holiday, it's also important to take a moment to consider the darker side - the one with pranks and other potential issues for homeowners.

When determining your home insurance rate, providers look at a variety of factors that are mostly related to your level of risk.If you notice your homeowners insurance rate increased, it could be due to the home's previous owner.

Along with the anticipation of snow, hot chocolate and holiday shopping comes the worry of high heating bills and frozen pipes.There are three main reasons for pipes freezing in winter: The temperature outside drops quickly, the home's thermostat is set too low and the pipes aren't properly insulated.

It’s that time of year again—when the temperatures start to fall and the heating and energy bills start to rise!These are relatively easy to install and an efficient way to make sure you aren’t heating an empty home during the day.

Five Helpful Tips to Take the Stress Out of MovingFive Helpful Tips to Take the Stress Out of MovingMoving into a new home or apartment can undoubtedly be stressful – rarely do we realize just how much stuff we’ve accumulated until tasked with packing it into a series of boxes, and it can be overwhelming to figure out where to begin.But moving doesn’t have to induce a panic attack and, with these helpful tips, might even be fun.

What to Expect When You File an Insurance ClaimWhat to Expect When You File an Insurance ClaimFender benders and the like are an anticipated part of life, and though you’re protected with auto accident insurance, you may still have concerns about what’s going to happen to your insurance rates when you file a claim.There are no simple answers to these questions, as the process of establishing auto insurance premiums is very complex, and each accident is analyzed using many variables, including fault, history of accidents, moving violations and auto insurance claims, as well as age, car type and much more.

Can I Get Insurance for This?Can I Get Insurance for This?