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Life is unpredictable and in an increasingly litigious society, it’s wise to have a safety net to protect you and your family from unexpected events.What would you do if:Your current auto or homeowners policy may not adequately cover these and other unforeseeable events, which is why you need Mercury’s Personal Umbrella Insurance.

And unfortunately, these fires cause upwards of $10 billion in damages annually.The good news is that many of these fires can be prevented by simply being aware of fire hazards around your home or apartment.

Since this time last year, I have been looking forward to attending the 112th annual Midwest Food Processors Association conference.As always, the MWFPA put on a great show.

OH…DEER!Watch for deer this time of year.

Five Home Improvement Projects Your Insurance Agent Will Want to Know AboutFive Home Improvement Projects Your Insurance Agent Will Want to Know AboutBefore heading to the local hardware store, talk these five projects over with your insurance agent firstTemperatures outside are on the rise and many homeowners are ready to break ground on plans to spruce up their homes.To avoid potential headaches and a home renovation disaster, we’ve put together tips for popular exterior projects homeowners should discuss with their insurance agent before taking them on.

A few weeks ago, we touched on how certain home remodeling projects can go a long way in adding value to your home.Unfortunately, not all home improvements increase the value of your home.

Winter has slowly turned to spring, and now the April showers are bringing May flowers, which can only mean one thing—summer is right around the corner.Even though spring-cleaning is the popular term, there are plenty of cleaning and non-cleaning ways to prepare your home for summer.

“Never,” is the answer most people would give, which could have terrible consequences if you happen to be caught in the middle of a disaster.September is National Preparedness Month, but since disasters can strike at any moment, it’s important to   prepare before disaster strikes …Today.

Even though these high-value articles may be covered by your homeowners or renters insurance, the coverage is limited in many cases.Let’s take a closer look at jewelry coverage.

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Saving Water and Money in a DroughtSaving Water and Money in a DroughtDroughts pose more danger than just water shortages – they can lead to prime wild fire conditions, as well as severe flooding when it finally does rain.Ninety-three percent of the state is engulfed in a severe drought with 44 percent of that area in an exceptional drought, the worst type possible.

We may not want the newest gadget or the hottest outfit, but we still strive to reach our goals.Leading up to the New Year, people start to think about what they want out of the next year.

Some Sound Financial Advice for College GraduatesSome Sound Financial Advice for College GraduatesCollege graduation brings great change for many young adults.If you’re like most recent college graduates, there’s still a lot to learn about personal finances that probably wasn’t covered in class.

Back at it again with tips for first-time homebuyers—this time to go over some common mistakes to avoid.Making the leap and buying your first home is exciting!

November isn’t all fun and games for millions of high school students, however, as they are hard at work writing college admission essays.USA Today has good advice for essay writers: Think about who is reading your essays and consider writing them from the perspective of an admissions officer.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize that their possessions and homes would be in jeopardy if they were inadequately insured and lost due to fire, flood or another disaster.Most homeowners would say yes, but recent studies indicate that many homeowners lack sufficient insurance to rebuild after a disaster.

It is common knowledge that bathroom and kitchen improvements typically increase your home value more than others.Another easy solution to add value is to replace lights and fixtures.

How to Plan the Perfect BBQHow to Plan the Perfect BBQNothing says summer like planning a get-together with friends and family.If you have a propane grill, always make sure the propane is turned off when not in use.

We all know what that means, winter is near.When cold weather rolls around, it’s important to make sure your home is ready.

While in the kitchen preparing the meal, she cut the end of the ham off before putting it in the pan.” Like a family, the construction industry has many of its own traditions.