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The cuts could be as big as 10 percent for some policyholders that live in coastal regions from the Panhandle to the the Atlantic, according to Miramar​, Florida NBC 6 affiliate.Rick Scott is hoping to cut down the number of homeowners insurance policyholders under Citizens, as the insurer can recover money from most insurees if they cannot pay off their claims.

While you can save money by bundling your homeowners and auto insurance with one provider, you might not know how to reduce this rate even more.To insurance companies, your home's roof can pose one of the biggest financial threats.

You've weighed the pros and cons.You've considered the why, the when and the where.

But before you invest in a trampoline for barefoot back flips during summer barbecues, you should be aware of the possible effects on your home insurance policy.How trampolines affect home insuranceAdding a trampoline to your home can affect one's insurance, or not - it depends solely on the insurance company.

Here are some tips for making the most out of any spring time remodeling plans that are on the agenda:Understand the risksThere are many reasons to purchase insurance specifically for this sort of renovation project.In fact, for some high net worth families, Think Advisor cautions that the price to rebuild their home after a total loss would cost more money than the amount of insurance contractors typically carry.

A fire can start at a moment's notice and cause a lot of damage to the property.By teaching yourself a few fire prevention tips and getting yourself prepared, you can protect your family and cut down on the cost of your homeowners insurance.

Now, the company will give discounts to home policyholders who install smart Wi-Fi-connected smoke alarms in their homes.According to the insurer, the new program, which rolls out this month in six states, is a partnership between Liberty Mutual and smart alarm manufacturer Nest.

However, homeowners do need to pause and consider home monitoring systems to prevent such crimes from happening.If homeowners need any further incentive to protect and monitor their property, various home insurance providers offer discounts if home automation and security systems are in place.

When you are in the market for homeowners insurance, you will need to realize that not everything will be covered.hero_lob=homeowners" target="new">home insurance plan.

Following one of the coldest winter storms in history, many Americans experienced water damage after their plumbing pipes froze and burst.While water damage and burst pipes are an unfortunate event that can cause a lot of inconvenience, most homeowners insurance policies do cover water damage.

Now, instead of spending a future day worrying about what-if scenarios again, get homeowners insurance for condo living.As found by the Insurance Information Institute (III) the average homeowners insurance premium was $1,096 in the United States in 2013 (the most currently reported data).

A faulty moving plan can lead to paying more for movers or accidentally forgetting something at your old home.Here are a few moving mistakes to avoid:Doing everything by yourselfYou may decide to do all your own moving to save a few dollars.

When it comes to being a homeowner, you probably want to save money wherever you can.During the height of winter and summer, you could see your energy bill skyrocket.

Even though homeowners insurance helps ward off financial anxiety in times of distress, the payments can still cause stress.Since 2010, 40 percent of home insurance claims have been related to damage caused by hail or wind.

In this article we’re going to take a look at how Hurricane Katrina changed the way homeowners insurance works.To top it all off, the insurance industry denied their most vulnerable clients’ (people living in high-flood and severe weather areas) insurance renewals.

Of all the major stresses in life, it has been agreed upon that moving is in the top three.In the mess of moving, you will be much better off by taking a few precautions to avoid disaster.

That’s where homeowners insurance comes in, particularly hazard insurance.A: Hazard insurance is bought as part of your homeowners insurance policy.

Your home insurance rate can be affected by numerous things, such as your home's size, its number of residents and even the type of job you have.An ISO rating is calculated by the Insurance Services Office in each city or state.

is underinsured 22 percent, although some homeowners have a gap as wide as 60 percent between their coverage and rebuilding costs.Being underinsured is risky, as it could leave you with thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses to rebuild after your home is damaged or destroyed.

While hearing about all these expensive costs may scare you, there are plenty of areas where you can cut down the price of being a homeowner, like homeowners insurance.Here are a few ways to save on homeowners insurance:Look at several ratesIf this is your first foray into homebuying, you are probably unfamiliar with how to approach shopping for homeowners insurance.