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Celent’s Innovation and Insight Day is about a month away, and everyone at Celent couldn’t be more excited. We have great external speakers bookending the day, and we’ll be exploring exciting technology implementations with 15 Model Insurers in five categories (plus Celent’s Model Insurer of the Year): Our first speakers, Betsy Hubbard and Debra Jasper, are from , an online social media training firm. As financial firms grapple with their approaches to social media, Betsy and Debra’s perspective, delivered in a completely different style than what most banks are used to, will provide ample food for thought and some concrete next steps. Celent analysts will be presenting research throughout the day as winners are announced and cases are discussed.  Jamie MacGregor will also offer his perspectives on the state of innovation within the industry as well as where he sees the industry moving over the next few years. Ending the insurance day will be Rod Willmott, Innovation Director at LV=, one of UK’s largest insurers and the third largest motor insurer.  Listen as Rod discusses how LV= established a “Fast Track Innovation” process to facilitate rapid responses to business needs and to accelerate strategic business objectives that were previously considered too challenging or costly to consider. Registrations are running well ahead of last year, and our Carnegie Hall venue may well get to Standing Room Only (although you won’t be able to buy tickets at TKTS on Monday morning). We hope to see you there on March 23rd; to learn more and to register, please visit our .



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