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Results for Tag "Reports"

Auto insurance companies are starting to charge their customers more and the reason, they claim, is all their cars are laden with.“We’ve seen a huge increase in what it costs to pay out our claims”.

Brace yourself: Within a few years, your only choice for health insurance through your employer may be a high-deductible health plan, according to Consumer Reports.(If your health insurance company doesn't offer one, call your insurer directly to ask for quotes.

Other ways military families are cutting back for the holidays include spending less on travel (25 percent), decorations (23 percent) and food (13 percent).”About the First Command Financial Behaviors Index®Compiled by Sentient Decision Science, Inc.

UK is the University for Kentucky.At UK, we are educating more students, treating more patients with complex illnesses and conducting more research and service than at any time in our 150-year history.

Luckily Consumer Reports' released their annual brand report cards to better assist potential car buyers in which models are the best in class.While many companies release best-of lists and award any number of prestigious awards, CNN noted Consumer Reports is one of, if not the most respected voices in terms of trustworthiness when it comes to automotive purchases.

The Asian market saw a dip in Friday's morning trade while the US dollar was set to record a losing week on the back of investors anticipating President-elect Trump to stress on economic policies.The Indian markets opened on a positive note, recording gains for the fourth straight session.