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That seemed like a lot of money but I figured I could afford it if I earned $1,500 a week like Uber advertised.But Uber doesn't provide drivers with a guaranteed wage or contribute to unemployment funds, Medicare or Social Security.

Martin O’Loughlin of 33 Bru na Mara, Donegal Town was also found to be driving without insurance at the time.Inspector Denis Joyce told Wednesday’s sitting of Donegal District Court that an off-duty garda was driving from Donegal Town to Ballyshannon on March 6 last.

Having your license suspended is one of the hardest DUI penalties.If your license is suspended, you will want to reinstate it as early as possible.

A man is facing charges for driving a Ford Fiesta on Manby Road in Castle Vale last May with an exhaust modified so that it would make more noise.Matthew Robert Brown, aged 23, of Amington in Tamworth is also charged with driving a car that would create a danger of injury to persons, in that the Fiesta chassis had been lowered, causing the tyres to rub on the wheel arches, the head lamps had been adjusted, and the rear interior had been removed.

“Any form of license is better than none, so I mean that’s pretty much why people would risk buying a fake license,” Gonzalez said.She said in a border town, it’s not unusual for Mexican drivers to be on the streets of Brownsville and have a Mexican license.

While you might have a teen who's excited to get his or her driver's license, you're probably not looking forward to the new insurance bill.If you plan to add your new driver to your current auto policy, call your agent to discuss discounts.

It is a long-standing myth that elderly drivers and seniors pay more for car insurance.Some insurance companies may base policy premiums on how frequently a car is driven.

It's the way of the world: children grow up, learn to drive and inevitably increase your family's car insurance rates.Because of youth and inexperience, teen drivers are inherently more risky to cover and this usually remains true until they reach age 25.

There are several components that car insurance providers take into account to come up with your insurance rate.However, if you are a good driver, generally the reverse is true: You will pay less for your policy.

If you have been involved in a car accident, getting back behind the wheel can induce some major panic attacks.In essence, driver anxiety keeps you from living your life.

Does making a few driving mistakes warrant a super expensive insurance premium?That’s why we offer inexpensive rates on high-risk auto insurance.

You may have saved up to buy the sports car you always wanted, but what about when it comes to fuel costs?You can do this by becoming a more efficient and resourceful driver, especially during winter.

Because of youth and inexperience, insurance companies typically charge higher rates for younger drivers.Here are six ways you can lower your car insurance premiums today:1.

The leading cause of death for teens between 15 and 20 years old is motor vehicle accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.Failing to wear a seatbelt, speeding, driving while under the influence of alcohol and risky driving are the top five contributing factors in these fatal crashes.

An American couple is suing Apple, claiming that the tech giant's FaceTime video chat app distracted a driver who rammed his vehicle into their car, killing their 5-year-old daughter.Driving behind them, Garrett Wilhelm failed to stop and his SUV slammed into the car at 105km/h, tearing it apart and riding up over the top.