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Winter has slowly turned to spring, and now the April showers are bringing May flowers, which can only mean one thing—summer is right around the corner.Even though spring-cleaning is the popular term, there are plenty of cleaning and non-cleaning ways to prepare your home for summer.

When determining your home insurance rate, providers look at a variety of factors that are mostly related to your level of risk.If you notice your homeowners insurance rate increased, it could be due to the home's previous owner.

The housing market is continuing to show significant gains as sales rose in March.According to a recent report from RE/MAX, home sales increased 24.

When you get in your car - whether it's for a road trip or just a quick run to the grocery store - there are a number of safety features designed to keep you safe.However, many don't come with built-in safety features, so it's up to you to make sure you are as safe as possible in your house.

The reason millions of homeowners purchase home insurance each year is to make sure they are fully insured in the event of property damage.The key is to have a year-round comprehensive plan that doesn't leave gaps in coverage.

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A homeowners insurance policy is designed to cover damage incurred on a property and the residents of that specific home.Thus, the viability of your home insurance is affected as well.

Furniture, valuables and personal possessions are typically covered under a property insurance add-on.You'll need an estimate of your property's worth prior to inform how much liability you should take out.

The Reserve Bank has given borrowers another 30 days over and above 60 days for repayment of home, car and other loans worth up to Rs 1 crore due to the disruption in economic activity post-demonetisation.On a review, it has been decided to provide 30 days, in addition to the 60 days provided (on November 21), the RBI said in a notification.

E-commerce firm Snapdeal has tied up with Reliance Jio to provide home delivery of SIM cards as part of the telecom's Happy New Year Offer.Earlier, Reliance Jio's Welcome Offer included free 4G data, voice calls, SMSes, and subscription to Jio apps up till December 31 which is now extended to March 31st.

Housing, auto and corporate loans are all set to become cheaper with half a dozen PSU and private banks on Monday steeply reducing benchmark lending rate by up to 1.20 per cent to 9 per cent from 9.

Taking cue from banks, country's largest mortgage lender HDFC on reduced its home loan rates by up to 0.45 per cent.

If you should experience an issue with your house that causes a roof replacement or kitchen rebuild, homeowners insurance will cover the costs.You can find a list of competitive homeowners insurance quotes online from reputable insurance companies that will pay to have your home made as good as new.

This is our comprehensive home insurance guide and we think it can help.Chapter 1 What is Home InsuranceHome insurance policies protect homeowners against damage and losses that affect their property and belongings.

While home insurance policies are sometimes known as “all-risk” policies, they do not always cover all risks that may cause damage to your home.The standard home insurance policy’s definition of excluded earth movement includes sinking, rising, shifting, and the expanding or contracting of earth.

The standard home insurance policy as it’s designed performs very well in protecting the assets of the average homeowner.In the typical home insurance policy, the dwelling and most of the contents are covered up to the amount specified on the policy.

On the standard home insurance policy, any firearms you own will be covered as personal property.If you need more coverage than is normally available on the home insurance, you’ll have to look for more specialized coverage.

If you live in Florida, there’s a good chance that you have your home insurance through Citizens Property Insurance, which is an insurance company created through legislation to act as the “insurer of last resort.” After significant hurricane activity, many, if not most, insurance companies withdrew from the Florida home insurance market, leaving homeowners without any coverage options.

Your credit score would soon decide the amount of equated monthly installments (EMIs) you have to pay toward repayment of home loans.In case, the credit score improves, the amount of EMIs you have to pay will decrease.

While you likely have a few more weeks with tinsel and holly decking your halls, we are approaching the post-holiday regrouping season.Many of us have been entertaining, and any resemblance of order escaped us long ago.