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Results for Tag "leave"

Motorists face a steep hike in their car insurance premiums - up by nearly £82 on last year – but if you want the cheapest deals then make sure you never leave Somerset.The county ranks among the cheapest postcodes in the country to get car insurance.

If Santa brought you a drone for Christmas, there are a number of steps you need to take before using your new toy.In return, their drone receives an identification number, which is especially important in case your drone goes missing or causes an accident.

The newly uninsured could well include city retirees, whose health coverage Emanuel is eliminating as of Jan.The city paid 55 percent of the cost of health insurance for a smaller group that isn’t eligible for Medicare.

But a major review recently published in the journal Clinical Rehabilitation found that after having a hip replacement, people are no more active or healthier (measured by heart and lung tests) than they were immediately before.There's also a need to identify and correct these problems to help patients live full, active lives.

The last thing you need is to find out you’ve been overpaying for workers’ compensation insurance.Each one of these companies got the bad news after a workers’ compensation audit.

The combination of mutual fund/s and a term plan leaves you with a corpus higher than that of the Ulip by around Rs 1 lakh.You keep hearing about a combination of mutual fund/s and a term plan being a better option than unit-linked insurance policies (Ulips).

The departure of Ivan Rogers presents Prime Minister Theresa May with a dramatic new complication ahead of the start of Brexit negotiations early this year.In a farewell note published by British media, Rogers encouraged his staff to continue to challenge "ill-founded arguments and muddled thinking.

All of Trump's business and financial assets will be placed into the trust before he is inaugurated Jan.Related: Will Trump's plan on business conflicts be enough?