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In health savings plan, a part of the premium goes towards a savings/investment account, and the rest covers you from high-risk diseases.Cigna TTK Health Insurance plans to introduce health savings plan in India if Parliament passes the Insurance Bill.

The online life protection plan comes with a minimum annual premium of Rs 3,500.The unique proposition of Reliance Online Term is that it offers higher life protection up to the age of 75 years through a transparent and hassle-free online process and provides the convenience of medical check-ups, if any, at the customer's residence.

Anil Ambani-led Reliance Life Insurance Company (RLIC) on Sunday said it has launched a new healthcare product , which offers full coverage for the entire family under a single policy.The new scheme 'Reliance Life Care for You Advantage Plan' is a comprehensive coverage for hospitalisation, surgeries and critical illnesses for the entire family in a single policy, the company said in a statement.

Two years ago, Noida-based businessman Manoj Jain missed a premium of his term plan.Jain intends to buy an online term plan, wherein he will deal with the company directly without having to go through an agent.

Under this plan a guaranteed amount is paid to a policyholder depending on the grade of the surgical treatment, such as minor, major and supra major and daycare procedures.The plan covers almost 600 surgeries.

Being sold online, the plan does not charge you for premium allocation and policy administration charges.35%) and mortality charges from the policy.

The JSW Energy stock rose in early trade on Wednesday amid report that its board has given nod to raise funds up to Rs 750 crore through issuance of redeemable non-convertible debentures by way of private placement.At 11:19 am, the stock was trading  4.

But, Life Insurance Corporation's online term plan is cheaper than its offline version, but costlier than plans offered by private insurers.It was for long that Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) stayed away from joining the bandwagon of online term plans.

The oft-quoted figure for health-care inflation in India is 15 per cent a year compared to overall inflation of six to seven per cent in the past few years.Meanwhile, the overall average claim paid by insurance companies in 2009/10 was just Rs 23,000.

Unlike with health insurance, which kicks the policyholder’s dependents off at age 26, an auto insurance policy does not remove anyone from the plan based on age.Instead, the family auto insurance coverage plan protects all those who are part of the same household.

The reason millions of homeowners purchase home insurance each year is to make sure they are fully insured in the event of property damage.The key is to have a year-round comprehensive plan that doesn't leave gaps in coverage.

So, you usually don't bother to buy a travel insurance plan unless it is mandatory.Even though you don't make a claim every time you buy travel insurance, it is unwise to go out without one.

First year: 70% of the Single premium excluding extra premiums and taxes, if any.Thereafter: 90% of the Single premium excluding taxes, any extra premium paid and survival benefits, if paid earlier.

835) is the new ULIP plan which is going to be launched soon by LIC, As mentioned by LIC of India’s Chairman Mr.Earlier LIC had one ULIP plan with same name Endowment Plus, Plan No.

LIC’s Limited Premium Endowment Plan is a participating non-linked plan which offers a combination of protection and savings.Where, “Sum Assured on Death” is defined as the highest of 10 times of annualised premium or Guaranteed Sum Assured on Maturity i.

LIC’s New Endowment Plus is a unit linked non-participating endowment assurance plan which offers investment cum insurance cover during the term of the policy.LIC’s New Endowment Plus is a unit linked assurance plan, which offers investment-cum-insurance during the term of the policy.

He shuttered his foundation and pledged that the Trump Organization would make "no new deals" during his term.A litany of controversies still loom over Trump's businesses, even before he takes office on Jan.

However, investors should consider that debt funds don't guarantee any returns while the interest from FDs are assured.However, investors should consider that debt funds don't guarantee any returns while the interest from FDs are assured.

NITI Aayog will come out with three-year action plan within two months with a view to accelerate economic growth and make it more inclusive by focusing on the health sector.The action plan will also take into account the impact of demonetisation on the economy, especially on informal sector.

Sunil Mittal-led Bharti Airtel Ltd on Thursday unveiled its plan for setting up a payments bank with an initial investment of Rs 3000 crore to build a nationwide network.This new set of banks is expected to increase competition in the sector by offering higher interest rates on deposits.