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Results for Tag "ups"

The off-exchange trend could point to continued weakness in the overall individual market, which regulators said was on the verge of collapse this summer.The market's turbulence over the last few years has contrasted with the experience for most Minnesotans, who have seen relatively slow growth in premiums by historical standards.

4 million consumers nationwide have signed up for health insurance marketplace plans through, an increase of 400,000 plan selections compared to last year at this time, Burwell said.

Based on the current share price of NMDC at Rs 135.13 per cent, of NMDC (National Mineral Development Corporation) to take its total stake in the state-run iron ore miner to 10.

Renuka Kanvinde, assistant vice president, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, says, "No, the person is not charged extra renewal premium if the parameters in test reports are altered.A policyholder is entitled to reimbursement of the cost of a health check-up once after every four claim-free years.

Autos-to technology conglomerate Mahindra wants to spur a greater start-up culture within the group, looking to foster new businesses which will compliment its existing products and services."We don't believe start-ups are the private preserve of only garage start-ups.

When two of the biggest banks in the country resist wallets from fintech start-ups, you know a few things are simmering.Mobile wallet start-ups have received the most funding - they have been using this capital to both aggressively market as well as improve the ease of using their technology.