What NOT to Do on St. Patrick’s Day – USI Affinity

The last thing you want to do is be totally hammered and drive around with a bunch of other drunk people. It’s basically a lawsuit waiting to happen. On the bright side, most of us can probably agree on the fact that there’s always that one friend that never drinks. And guess what – they’re a lifesaver and you definitely want to make sure you invite them out for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. These friends can be your group’s designated driver in the event that the rest of you decide to party it up like there’s no tomorrow.

None of us like being a party pooper before the party has even started and miss out on the rest of the night. And we’re sure you definitely wouldn’t want to get alcohol poisoning and spend your St. Patrick’s Day at the hospital, either. Make sure you avoid these unfortunate situations by not drinking on an empty stomach and staying hydrated. Be prepared by packing bottles of water for you to drink between your beers, as well as snacks to eat between drinks so the alcohol doesn’t hit you hard and you can last throughout the night.

Okay seriously, this is probably a no brainer, but Irish pubs where people are going to be getting buck wild and crazy drunk is probably not the best place for you to wear your new Tiffany canary diamond necklace. Nothing ruins an otherwise enjoyable day more than dropping an expensive piece of jewelry, or getting your new Louis Vuitton shoes stepped on and tainted. Moral of the story? Don’t bring anything valuable to a jam-packed, boisterous festival. St. Patrick’s Day gatherings can be crowded, and they can get rowdy, too. Dress and accessorize for the occasion. Wear casual clothes and a pair of shoes you don’t care too much about dirtying up. A green baseball cap and maybe a fun plastic shamrock necklace will be all the accessorizing you’ll need.

It’s 9:30 at night and it’s just about time for you to head out. You’ve got everything you need, but your phone’s battery life is at 38%. However, you brush it off. Ohh, it should be fine, right? No. Just stop right there. If you’re like most people, your phone will probably be dead by the end of the night – unless of course you think ahead and charge your phone beforehand. If you’re venturing out into a different city to celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day, it’s definitely essential you have your phone fully charged for a plethora of reasons; for starters, you could get separated from your group and need to figure out how to reunite. Your group could get lost while trying to navigate around the city in the busy crowd, especially if you’re already intoxicated. And finally, if you didn’t come in a car, you would need to figure out other means of transportation, in which case Google Maps would be imperative. Long story short, do not let your phone die!

Let’s face it – things don’t always go as planned. Your entire plan might’ve been to drive yourself home because you promised yourself you wouldn’t drink. But then you changed your mind when you got caught up in all the festivities, and now you’re too drunk to drive. Whatever happens, do not drive while intoxicated! Call up a friend and see if they could come get you and take you back to the car lot in the morning. If that’s not possible, download the Uber app and call an Uber, which is usually way cheaper than a city taxi and can get to your location within 5 minutes. If you’re staying by the bus route, you can always take the local city transit, as well. You’ve got plenty of options, but driving drunk is not one. It’s not worth a potential DUI and risking your life or the life of others. Bottom line, just don’t do it.

There are so many exciting, lively St. Patrick’s Day parades and festivals across the country you can take part in. However, it’s important to never lose control and be prepared for any situation. Have fun this St. Patrick’s Day, but remember to stay safe!



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